For the highest precision

Meccanica Sepriesi was founded in 1956 and after a period of independence became part of the Pozzi Group in 1997.

It is a high-precision production facility which complements the supply chain of the group. Its production profile is that of high CNC precision machining of mechanical parts. Production is carried out according to client specifications.

The principal operations carried out at the plant are facing, turning, milling, drilling, tapping, broaching, marking, and grinding after casehardening. The working range of the turning activity is between a diameter of 20mm up to 800mm with a usable height of 400mm, or (for processes between tailstocks) up to a maximum diameter of 250mm with a useable length of 700mm.

The working range for drilling and/or milling has a maximum useable diameter of 600mm with a useable height of 450mm. Precision is centesimal with roughness up to Ra=0.8. Controls are carried out with in-line measuring instruments (Micrometers, bore gauges, calipers, buffers), with millesimal alti­meters and the plant is also equipped with an automated three-dimensional measurement equipment.